The Advantages of AVI to MP4 File Converters for Mac

You are probably aware that some devices do not support or recognize AVI files, like Mac computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads to name a few. The MP4 format has recently outdone the AVI format because of its superior streaming quality in whatever device you play it on, whether on mobile or the internet. That is basically the reason why the MP4 video format is much preferred by consumers.

Your Mac’s standard video player, QuickTime, does not support AVI file formats. That is why you must convert AVI to MP4 on Mac to be able to play it. There are a lot of video converters available, some are even free. If you have the budget, you might as well opt for the paid software program because somehow it tends to work better in converting your files. Most converters are compatible with Mac OS Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.8 Mountain Lion and 0.7 Lion; they also support numerous other input and output file formats. The quality of the video will never be lost; in fact, a good video converter will even dramatically improve the quality of your video using those amazing tools that are included with the software.

If you convert AVI to MP4 on Mac, you get the following benefits:

    • The MP4 format is lighter and therefore is easier on your file storage space. Its file size is relatively smaller than AVI. A five hundred megabyte video clip in AVI format, when converted into MP4 format, would decrease the file size into approximately 30 megabytes. That’s a lot of disc space saved! Now you’ve got more room for other files.


    • The MP4 format offers good audio-video quality. The conversion process will not ruin the quality of the video or the clarity of the audio. In fact, these may even be enhanced!


    • The MP4 file format is generally recognized by many devices. This format is understood by scores of modern devices without any trouble, unlike the AVI file format. The MP4 file format is always ready for access whenever you want, in whatever device.


  • Converting your file has the added benefit of unleashing your creativity. With those great editing tools that go with the file converter, you can manipulate the video to your liking.

The length of conversion process depends mainly on two factors: the file size and your computer’s performance. A 4-minute music video, for example, will take only just a few seconds to convert; on the other hand, a larger file size will take longer to convert. The progress bar will help you see the status of the conversion process. If your computer is in tip-top condition, then it will allow for an even faster conversion.

If you want to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac, all you need is a good converter. Download it, install it, launch the program, drop the file you want to convert into the converter, click the convert button and that’s it. It’s as simple that. You might want to try those cool editing tools, too. Trim the video, crop the frame size, add special effects, tweak it any way you want… and don’t forget to share your masterpiece to others!

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